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How to Check the Best Kind of Rowing Machines for Sale


Let’s face it, the best kind of rowing machines in the market today are not so cheap. In fact they cost thousands of dollars which is also the reason why some people settle for those best rowing machines for sale that they can find. Although some people think it might not be a good idea to buy ones in sale since some of these items are only sold less because of certain defects.

If you don’t want to end up buying the wrong kinds then you need to check it first and when I say check it, you need to do it thoroughly.

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Things to check:

Check for any product defects. Some companies often put their rowing machine on sale for some reason and one of those reasons is that there’s a defect in their item. It could be a small crack, peeled paint jobs, broken handles, missing screws and among many others. Check for it and see if you can find them. Just because the rowing machine is on sale that means you have to be a careless buyer too.

Check for the model. Other row machines for sale are sometimes outdated or an old stock. If you don’t want to use something old then you might as well see when it was released. However if you don’t mind old machines then it’s a good find. Just make sure that they are not selling you broken ones.

Check the company. One of the most important things you should check is where the row machine made. Is the company reputed for their products? Do they have great reviews? If so then you can be sure that you will find a good machine even if it’s on sale. So make sure to check on that too.

Depending on your budget, you will find that there are many companies who sell their row machines at a very affordable price. If your budge is around $500 and below, here are the top rowing machines that you can find that are sold at a good price:

Kettler Favorit Rowing machine is a good investment if you have a limited budget. This rowing machine is run by hydraulic resistance and is designed to be lightweight. Weighing only 52 lbs., this row machine is exactly what you need. It is smooth to use with great display monitor for checking in your pulse, heart rate and many others. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and three years for the parts so you definitely know that this is one good find for something that’s placed on row machines for sale.

Proform 440R Rowing Machine is another great machine to choose. This budget-friendly row machine is sold at $300-400 so you know for sure that it can fit your budget. It is designed with a large LCD monitor that is easy to read, this is a good find for fitness equipment. It weighs about 65 lbs. and comes with a 5 year warranty and 3 months for the parts. This is a good deal if you ask me.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine is cheap if you want to use something with hydraulic resistance. It weighs about 39lbs. and comes with a 3 year warranty on the body and 3 months for the parts. It is made from sturdy steel frame so you know for sure that it’s durable. It is also has a scan mode display so you know that you can monitor your workout’s progress. It is compact and easy to store plus its lightweight which makes it even better to use.

Stamina Air Rowing Machine is not only one of the favorites among many row machine users but it is also one of the companies that often have row machines for sale. This row machine is about 56 lbs. in weight and comes with a three year warranty and three months for the parts. It can hold about 250 lbs. maximum weight so anyone within this weight limit can use it. It also folds easily so you can store it anywhere. The sturdy steel frame is designed to last so you can do your exercise anytime you want.

Smooth Air Mag Rowing Machine is designed with air resistance. It is easy to operate and comes with an air vent to keep you cool even while working intensely. The handles are firm and made from good materials. It also comes with wheels so you won’t have a hard time moving it around. It is also designed to fold so storing it is easy as pie. The monitors are also easy to operate so you can start your workout the soonest.

Are you looking for something that’s worth your money? This is it! These top five products are among the best ones in the market today. Make sure to compare and check them well before buying any row machines for sale. Doing so will give you the chance to choose something that’s really worth buying. So enjoy your shopping and good luck on your workout!


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